The Oscars is not the right time to wear a shorts-tuxedo. It’s not the Grammys.

-George Kotsiopoulos

Pharrel Williams, apparently wears short shorts. But should he be the only one?

Recently, we have born witness to a few select occasions where the "short suit" has reared its ugly head. I, along with the great majority of designers, fashion critics, and people in general, think this is absolutely ridiculous.

Let's be clear, there is never any situation where you are invited to a formal event, where shorts are acceptable. This is not the 1940's and you are not a British school boy. So hide your pasty and hairy legs and put on some big boy pants.

Unless you're in Bermuda, in which case, a navy blazer and some nice light colored shorts are permissible. But when the situation calls for a suit, you should put one on.

Don't get me wrong. I am all about taking risks in fashion. I think there are any number of ways to express yourself with your clothing styles, color options, and even the methods with which you wear them. If it wasn't for experimentation, we wouldn't have such amazing choices today. But wearing shorts is reserved for casual situations. Are you playing tennis? Shorts are ok. Are you at the pool? Again, this is fine. Are you in a board meeting? Are you at the office? Are you at a dinner party or a fine restaurant? Shorts are not ok. Shorts by their very nature are informal attire. A suit, by its very nature, is formal attire. So why in the world do we think this is ok?

Personally I blame the hipsters. But then again, I blame them for everything. Including the current influx of spectacular bourbon in the US. Not all that they do is bad, they just look terrible doing it.

This is not an issue of prudence. I have spectacular calves and I would love to show them on a daily basis. This is a matter of respect. The appearance of your pasty stems adorned in patchy hair has the potential to put some people off. Even if your pilotes are the most beautiful things the world has ever seen, the likes of which make Narcissus cry, it is still understood that shorts are an informal clothing option. Shorts are informal, suits are formal, and never the twain should meet.

So despite the fact that Pharrell Williams, whom I believe to be a wonderful artist, showed up to the Oscars dressed like Angus Young, I don't think we need to be taking our fashion cues from this situation.

As Joan Rivers said “He looks like he was representing the Lollipop Guild in the tribute to ‘The Wizard of Oz.’"

“I love the spirit of it,” said Michael Bastian, the New York-based designer. “But I don’t know. There’s something sacrosanct about being invited to a formal occasion. It’s like, the least you can do is keep your pants on. I’m not so into it.”

Is this the next step in the evolution of men's fashion? Is this the modern day equivalent of the death of the cravat? We hope not.