breakis by no means a new development in society. There is a very good reason it made the top ten list of things you just shouldn't do. The sad fact is that despite this, it happens...and it happens a lot.

I suppose the frequency with which infidelity occurs depends a lot on your definition of cheating. And while that seems like the tired line of a philanderer, people do have different positions on what constitutes and transgression against your marriage vows.

I do not have to get into much detail to explain to you why cheating is wrong. It is hurtful, it breaks up families, and it is dishonest. Cheating exemplifies pretty much everything that a gentleman tries to avoid. It is the second most selfish act a person can commit.

So what brings us to that point? There are multiple conscious decisions made along the way before you wind up in bed with someone else. Why did you not stop it sooner? There has been a great deal of research done on these questions. And why wouldn't there be? Infidelity has been a topic of concern since before Abimilech and Abraham fought about it.

So what makes us cheat? Why do we do it? Are some people more likely to cheat than others?

Your answers are below.


Courtesy of Huffington Post