For a long time, I have had it in my mind that I need to write about the cell phone issue in America. I cannot vouch for the rest of the world, but I know that here in the good ol' U.S. of A, we have a very serious problem.

In 2012, 3,328 people were killed in cell phone related car accidents. This is not to mention the 421,000 people who were injured as a result of the very same thing. Cell phones are distracting, and they are dangerous if you are trying to operate machinery. About this there is no doubt.

However, what I would like to draw everyone's attention to is not the dangers of texting and driving, but that our phones are turning us into just the worst kinds of people. Your phone, that vibrating ringing thing in your pocket, is turning you and everyone you love into selfish mysanthropes.

We think nothing of interrupting a conversation to answer a call. We look at our phones while our friends are mid sentence. Even during family dinners, I would venture to guess most of us have our phones on the table. You can't go to a mall without seeing a pack of teenagers standing together looking down at their hands. And I have talked to more than one professor who has witnessed a student laughing at their crotch. We can assume it's not for the reasons we want it to be.

Well, I do not have the time today to properly address this issue with the diligence that it deserves, but to whet your appetite for the future post, here are some fun statistics on cell phones as provided by Online College.