In light of the passing one of the greatest American poets, we thought we would share something we found in our research.

It would seem that Dr. Angelou, much like many other geniuses, lived a regimented and orderly lifestyle. A lifestyle that would befit the most elevated gentleman.

Our hats are off to you Dr. Angelou. Thank you for everything.

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Designer RJ Andrews recently collaborated with author Mason Currey to combine their skills into a visual project that explains the 24-hour routines of some great inventors, composers, theorists, scientists and more. Currey wrote the book Daily Rituals after he did months of research trying to find out how many geniuses achieved success.

Some virtuosos need a small amount of sleep, others need a great deal of social time. The legend below shows the clock and common activity patterns that each intelligent figure abided by. A lot of these successful people started with a cup of coffee or ended the day with a nightcap before getting around five to eight hours of sleep.
Andrews designed the infographic below that shows 16 creative lifestyles from Currey’s book. You may recognize some of the featured creatives from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to Maya Angelou or Charles Darwin. You can see more on their project here.

Creative Routines

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