In my ongoing battle with Gentlemen's Quarterly (they WILL notice me one day) I would like to point out that they, in turn, seem to be having an ongoing battle with all non-semi spread collared shirts.

Now, perhaps they are just taking a direct approach in the attempt to make all men appear debonair in the easiest possible manner. And I cannot begrudge them that. It is true, the semi-spread is incredibly versatile and will look great with almost anything.

However, what they should have said, and what I believe the underlying meaning between the two separate articles attached, is that any man can wear any collar, but only certain men can wear them well. With that in mind, if you are asking a magazine for direction in the purchase of your collar, odds are you need to play it safe and should take their advice.

Collars are as much an accessory as your watch or tie and should be given just as much credence. Look for a post soon discussing the different collar types and when to use them.

Until then, be a gentleman.