Let's Face it, we've all had those moments when someone has gone ahead and outfancied us at the dinner table. Whether or not they knew what they were doing, we were left staring agape at a tiny fork or spoon wondering at its use. Or perhaps, you were at a large table and somehow, the guests on either side of you have a bread plate but you do not.

Have no fear! The Gentle Life is here to save you the embarassment of using your salad fork on your dessert*.

So if you are like us, this graphic told you at least one thing you never knew before, and now, at thanksgiving, you can point to the bread plate on your left as your siste goes to take it and say "Actually, Prudence, your bread plate is on the other side. Now please slow down and chew. You are making a spectacle of yourself."**

*The waiter should have taken the salad fork away...this is his bad too

**We would never correct the way another person is eating.